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Every year The Butterfly Club enables independent artists to stage their work with no hire fee or minimum guarantee, making it possible for hundreds of creators to realise their vision without risking all their savings just to have a go.

Aside from the joy they bring to audiences, their work helps local businesses including hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, delivery companies, cleaners, technicians, printers, and the many more who are part of the ecosystem of a vibrant night life.

Normally we pride ourselves on our ability to make this happen as a sustainable business - one that does not rely on public funding, let alone donations. These are not normal times.

We know very many of you are suffering from the financial consequences of COVID-19 and if so, please keep your money firmly in your wallet and perhaps consider sharing this page on social media.

If on the other hand you happen to be in a position to support us, please consider donating today.

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