Kaine! - I’m A Clock and You Cant Stop Me

Thu 14 to Sun 24 Apr

Kaine! - I’m A Clock and You Cant Stop Me

Time has been weird lately. Kaine’s milk went out of date before its best before in the fridge. Is it really almost 2022 or some weird spinoff of 2019? Why are days feeling slower, but years are getting faster?

Kaine thought he knew how it worked but things have changed. I’m A Clock and You Cant Stop Me is the new musical comedy show by Kaine. This 60-minute show features the silliest songs of his career to date, looking at the strangest thing we’ve ever invented... time.

After a standout season at last year’s MICF with his death-tacular cabaret Wonderwall, Kaine graces our stage to dazzle you with his blend of dark humour and complete absurdity.

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Thursday 14 April 2022 10:00pm
Friday 15 April 2022 10:00pm
Saturday 16 April 2022 10:00pm
Sunday 17 April 2022 10:00pm
Monday 18 April 2022 10:00pm
Tuesday 19 April 2022 10:00pm
Wednesday 20 April 2022 10:00pm
Thursday 21 April 2022 10:00pm
Friday 22 April 2022 10:00pm
Saturday 23 April 2022 10:00pm
Sunday 24 April 2022 10:00pm


Full $35
Concession $31
Group (6+) $28
Tight Tuesday $28
Member $28
Early Bird $26


Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


In compliance with government requirements, all patrons must be fully immunised against Covid 19 (or have a government recognised exemption) in order to enter the building.

Arrive Early

Our shows start on time. Please arrive 30 minutes early so as to have time to check in with the QR code, collect your ticket, show us your vax status, make your way to the theatre, etc etc.