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The Butterfly Club is a small theatre in the heart of Melbourne. We have plenty of shows, award-winning foyer bars, and an enormous collection of kitsch.

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Give your friends the choice to come see any one show (regardless of ticket price) and pick a drink from our menu. At $50 per person, it's the best way to give people you love a night they'll love.

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Cabaret, comedy, cocktails.

Established in 1999 the Club is the best place to see young rising stars, household names, and the odd big fancy superstar who misses the feeling of performing to an intimate crowd.

We are open six days a week all year-round, and have between two and five shows every night. Our program changes weekly, new shows come up daily, and it’s perfectly ok to make visiting a habit.

Tim Minchin, Eddie Perfect, Sammy J, and countless more have taken their first performing steps here. Around the shows, our bars serve award-winning cocktails in rooms decked out by an enormous collection of kitsch.

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Producers, we want your shows.

With over 1000 performances every year, we are always on the lookout for new shows. If you are a producer (or self-produced artist) we’d love to hear from you.

With no hire fee, free rehearsals, free front-of-house, free merch sales, and other assorted perks, the Club is a great place to get your work on stage without breaking the bank.

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