Wed 24 to Sat 27 May


You don’t know where you are. You don’t know what to feel. Your thoughts ricochet off every wall and the sterilising lights from the doctors office permeate every thought. Just try this pill, just try to sleep, just exercise, just call this number if it gets bad. Most times it feels like they’re keeping you alive just to keep you alive.

Winona is a sixty-minute naked shopping trolley ride through an abandoned car park decorated with bandaids on the knees and elbows from previous wounds. Equal parts soul crushing and absurdly ridiculous, wrapped up with too much sticky tape to disguise shoddy wrapping skills. A love letter to our neurodiverse and disabled bodies, brains and hearts.


Wednesday 24 May 2023 7:00pm
Thursday 25 May 2023 7:00pm
Friday 26 May 2023 7:00pm
Saturday 27 May 2023 7:00pm


Full $37
Concession $33
Group (6+) $30
Member $30
Early Bird $28


Arrive Early

At least 30 minutes before the show. Our performances start bang on time and it takes a hot second to welcome you into the building.

Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.