Hello there.

The Butterfly Club is a small theatre and cocktail bar in the heart of Melbourne. We have plenty of shows, delicious drinks, and an enormous collection of kitsch.

Queer Play Festival

A handpicked selection of exceptional queer theatre, ranging from the heart-pumping to the heart-wrenching. Stories that challenge, inspire, and celebrate the diverse spectrum of queer experiences. Raw, authentic, unapologetic, and unmissable 🖤

August 8 - 24 2024


Producers, we want your shows.

With over 1200 performances every year, we are always on the lookout for new shows. If you are a producer (or self-produced artist) we’d love to hear from you.

With no minimum hire fee, free rehearsals, free front-of-house, free merch sales, and other assorted perks, the Club is a great place to get your work on stage without breaking the bank.


Monologue Festival EOIs

Calling all solo performers! We're seeking captivating monologues for our festival in November 2024.

Applications close 18 August 2024


Improv Festival EOIs

Calling all improvisers! We're seeking dynamic and spontaneous performances for our festival in January 2025.

Applications close 18 August 2024


Help us out

If you are in a generous mood, please consider supporting our work with a donation! Every little bit goes a long way in helping us stage independent artists, and provide a great place for musicians, writers, singers, actors, techs, and so many more to develop their craft.