Ben & Jen

Mon 2 to Sun 8 Oct

Ben & Jen

Ben McCarthy and Jenni Townsend are two of Melbourne’s top improvisers who can’t wait to be performing this Fringe Festival!

They met performing with The Big HOO-HAA! at The Butterfly Club and now, just like Joey from friends, they’ve found themselves in a spin-off of their own.

Ben & Jen want to soothe you this festival season. Slip you into a warm bath, put some cucumbers over your eyes and let you bask in hilarious story telling. They only need one suggestion from the audience to get started then sit back, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth and let them do the heavy lifting. (You will not receive cucumbers or a bath, this is all imagined. Individual results may vary) Ahhhh…


Monday 02 October 2023 10:00pm
Tuesday 03 October 2023 10:00pm
Wednesday 04 October 2023 10:00pm
Thursday 05 October 2023 10:00pm
Friday 06 October 2023 10:00pm
Saturday 07 October 2023 10:00pm
Sunday 08 October 2023 10:00pm


Full $37
Concession $33
Blak Tix $30
Member $30
Group (6+) $30


Arrive Early

At least 30 minutes before the show. Our performances start bang on time and it takes a hot second to welcome you into the building.

Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.