Fleur and Alexandra are Out of this World

Mon 17 to Sun 23 Sep

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Fleur and Alexandra are hapless unemployed heroes. After getting a job working for The Sun, they encounter Gaia who has just discovered the World Turtle is missing and tasks them to recover it. The elephants holding up the Earth aren’t strong swimmers and they must return the World Turtle before the Earth drops out of orbit, creating chaos in the universe. Along the way they are assisted by eight planets and one planetoid.

Fleur and Alexandra’s previous project was their 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival show, "Fleur and Alexandra Save the World".

This production is lo-fi-sci-fi or, in Earth lay persons' terms, low budget. What it lacks in high production values it makes up for in acting (particularly Fleur’s). If you’re ready to leave this world to go to absurdist space, join them as they go Out of this World.


Monday 17 September 2018 7:00pm
Wednesday 19 September 2018 7:00pm
Thursday 20 September 2018 7:00pm
Friday 21 September 2018 7:00pm
Saturday 22 September 2018 7:00pm
Sunday 23 September 2018 7:00pm


Full $34
Concession $30
Group (6+) $27
Member $27
All transactions attract a one-off $3.95 booking fee