Hello, who is it?

Mon 3 to Thu 13 Apr

Hello, who is it?

What actually happens when you look a gift horse in the mouth? What happened to Betty after she bought that bit of butter? What happens to hold music when no one’s on hold? Steph Teitelbaum will tell you exactly what's going on when you think 'what's going on there?'

Filled with sketches, characters, music, and cameos from collaborators, the theme that will run through the show will take relatable ideas to their unrelatable conclusions.


Monday 03 April 2023 7:00pm
Tuesday 04 April 2023 7:00pm
Wednesday 05 April 2023 7:00pm
Thursday 06 April 2023 7:00pm
Friday 07 April 2023 7:00pm
Saturday 08 April 2023 7:00pm
Sunday 09 April 2023 7:00pm
Monday 10 April 2023 7:00pm
Tuesday 11 April 2023 7:00pm
Wednesday 12 April 2023 7:00pm
Thursday 13 April 2023 7:00pm


Full $37
Concession $33
Group (6+) $30
Member $30
Tight Tuesday $30


Arrive Early

At least 30 minutes before the show. Our performances start bang on time and it takes a hot second to welcome you into the building.

Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.