Monster Truck Extravaganza 3000

Mon 19 to Sat 24 June

Monster Truck Extravaganza 3000

Fasten your seatbelts, rev your engines, shotgun that lukewarm imported Bud Light and get ready to enter the fast paced world of the most adrenaline inducing moto-sport ever created. Monster Truck Extravaganza 3000 is a one person sketch show written and performed by Lachie Gough of Handful of Bugs Theatre Co. Who said Rod Laver Arena was the only place you could see those mighty trucks roar? It’s more than a hobby, more than death defying jumps, more than comically large wheels, more than arguing with your uncle because he wants you to hit him with a car in an alleyway behind McDonalds. This is Monster Trucking. It’s a way of life. And there ain’t a gosh darn thing you can do about it.

Written and Performed by Lachie Gough
Produced by Handful of Bugs Theatre Co.


Monday 19 June 2023 7:00pm
Tuesday 20 June 2023 7:00pm
Wednesday 21 June 2023 7:00pm
Thursday 22 June 2023 7:00pm
Friday 23 June 2023 7:00pm
Saturday 24 June 2023 7:00pm


Full $37
Concession $33
Group (6+) $30
Member $30
Early Bird (until 21 May) $28


Arrive Early

At least 30 minutes before the show. Our performances start bang on time and it takes a hot second to welcome you into the building.

Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.