Small Tales of Little Mercy

Fri 12 to Sun 21 Apr

Small Tales of Little Mercy

Hellfire and damnation await!

The Reverend Martin Dunlop invites all and sundry to the Little Mercy Chapel and Refectory for a dose of ol’ time storytelling to save your sweet immortal soul.

From the murky swamps of the gator-infested bayou to the sweltering foyer of a decrepit hotel awaiting a storm, gather round for four tales of pure southern gothic parody in the spirit of A Streetcar Named Desire, To Kill a Mockingbird and other gloomy American stories you might have been forced to read for literature class at some point.

Long-held secrets will be uncovered, long-buried passions unearthed and somebody will turn out to have been somebody else’s mother all along.

Who’s that waiting in the deep shadows of the barn? Who claims the rights to the Salazar plantation? Why do all the women keep fainting? To answer in order: wait and see, wait and see and corsets.


Friday 12 April 2019 7:00pm
Saturday 13 April 2019 7:00pm
Sunday 14 April 2019 7:00pm
Monday 15 April 2019 7:00pm
Tuesday 16 April 2019 7:00pm
Wednesday 17 April 2019 7:00pm
Thursday 18 April 2019 7:00pm
Friday 19 April 2019 7:00pm
Saturday 20 April 2019 7:00pm
Sunday 21 April 2019 7:00pm


Full $34
Concession $30
Tight Tuesday $27
Group (6+) $27
Member $27
All transactions attract a one-off $3.95 booking fee


Under 18s

The Butterfly Club is a licensed venue. Under 18s can only attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.